Quality Wood Pallet Services for Those in Need

Does your business require sturdy wood pallet? If you do, then the company who you should order them from is All Clear Pallets.  We are a pallet supplier based in Monroe, LA. For years, we have provided stores, warehouses, and homes quality pallet for use.

Wooden Pallets

Wooden Pallets

Our pallet manufacturing company uses quality wood. We don’t pick out any kind of wood and build one. We make sure that the piece is sturdy and appealing. There are many reasons to get a pallet. They are great for moving heavy equipment, they look great as a decorative piece, and are functional pieces of furniture.

If you already have one, we can provide pallet repair. We head to your place and inspect the item. We check for termite infestation, poor installation, and common issues. We replace old, worn slabs with better wood. We have different wood types and colors, too. We assure you that the piece we use will fit your needs.

However, there are instances where repairing it would be too costly. We offer another option: our pallet recycle service. We take your piece and use it for other purposes. For instance, we can recycle the wood and use it to fix a furniture. A common method is to use the old piece and turn it into a usable table or shelf.

Whatever method of recycling you may need, we can assist you. Our team of experts will gladly do a pallet rebuild for an affordable price. We will fix, improve, and enhance it to suit your needs. Rebuilding it won’t cost much or take a lot of time. Our experts will have it ready for use in a jiffy.

Dial (318) 242-1208 to talk to our experts about what service you want. We will be happy to supply you with whatever you need in Monroe, LA. With us, getting quality pallet becomes easy. No more scouring the dumpsite or knocking on every store for a piece.

With All Clear Pallets, there is no palleting service we don’t handle. Own a quality pallet for your shop or warehouse today. Take advantage of this versatile and durable piece by making it your very own furniture or decorative piece. We also provide services to residents of Richwood,LA.

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